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My photo pages have now grown to so many that I've had
to resort to this index page to keep things semi-organized.
Below you'll find a short description of each page
along with a sample thumbnail linked to that page.
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Page 1:
A few pix of a trip to Paris in '92. One stereo image.
A few pix of Northern California Spring scenes.
The first of three original pic pages.
Page 2:
A variety of pix including a kitten, flowers, two stereo scenes and several shots of comet Hale-Bopp.
The second of three original pic pages.
Page 3:
More shots of the great comet. A few aviation shots.
The third of three original pic pag
Stereo Photos below...
The pages below contain stereo photos. While they can be seen in non-stereo with no problem, to see them in stereo usually takes some practice. The way to view them, while it may be difficult to pick up, is easy once learned. Remember those strange stereo posters that came out a few years back, the ones that looked like a random mish-mash of color and pattern? The ones where you had to stare at them like you were "looking through the wall" at something behind them? Well, much stereo photography works the same way. And if you didn't get it then, try this now:

Pretend that you're looking through the monitor at something behind it, as if you were gazing through a window, lost in some distant thought; your eyes relaxed. At the same time notice, don't yet focus on, just notice, the unfocused image pairs overlapping on the screen. To view them, the trick is to master the "distance" your eyes are focused at. Imagine you're focusing up and down the length of a railroad track stretching into the distance away from you (as if behind your monitor...). You get the images to line up and overlap perfectly, and then you'll "see" the image as if it were real. It takes some time and practice, but it's an amazing surprise once you get it.

Page 4:
Stereo shots of San Francisco.
This pic page was added in March 98'.
Page 5:
Now begins a whole new catalogue: several pages of stereo pics taken of an April trip to Paris. It begins here with shots from the flight over the Western US.
Page 6:
The next morning we drop through cloud formations upon a magnificent view of Paris...
Page 7:
Commencing our tour we start with views of the Eiffel & Sacre Couer.
Page 8:
Leaving the Eiffel behind we pass a memorial to Diana & Dodi at the Pont de l'Alma.
Page 9:
Then we continue with various sights mostly on the Rive Droite side of Paris.
Page 10:
The day before last is one for the chateaus of the Loire river valley.
Page 11:
And two pages of stereo chateaus.
Page 12:
The last day wraps up with scenes around the Pont Neuf and pix of my French "brother's" tour boat company:
Les Vedettes du Pont Neuf.
Page 13:
I depart with a few scenes of La Varenne and my brother's neighborhood from the air, as our flight gave us a fortunate glimpse.